Hello Beautiful Souls! I'm Deidre, I create intuitively designed jewelry and accessories. Besides creating art I spend my time raising my children.They truly are my why and what keeps me dedicated to following my life path. As a mother I feel grateful and blessed to be able to work from home and care for the ones who matter most to me.

For as long as I can remember I have been sensitive to the energies around me, whether it be from people, animals or nature. Since I was a child stones have always fascinated me, some of my fondest childhood memories involve going to the river and coming home with pockets full of stones. I still seem to acquire stones wherever I go. Creating wearable art with stones has blessed me with the ability to share my intentional creations with all of you.

Copper is my metal of choice as I enjoy its conductive healing properties and the way amplifies the energy and abilities of each stone. Every piece is mindfully and intentionally created with love, intending to bring the wearer an awareness of their full potential and universal inheritance in this life.

In my experience all stones have an individual message to share. I find it fascinating how the stones we are drawn to fit perfectly into the situation or condition that we need to learn and grow from.
Love & Blessings